Global Business Factors:  The Green Beard global trademark is the brand name associated with the majority of projects and transactions that are to be undertaken by the PowerStone Companies.  The PowerStone Companies are jointly oorganized to activate and support the diversification of global trade business and economic development projects and related transactions.

Green Beard's Asset-Backed Global Trade Factors

Global Investor and Lender Financial Protection Systems:  The Green Beard Crowdfunding Program is unique in the Crowdfunding arena.  All of the Green Beard projects and transactions are financially insured against operational losses because they are Asset-Backed by over 100% insured, superior quality and very liquid loan collateral.

Corporate Trust Bank Oversight & Depository Services:  All Green Beard projects and transactions are structured to be financially transparent.   The Corporate Trust Services of a major bank and the financial compliance reporting of a reputable CPA firm guarantee the protection of the participating parties against all traditional financial losses.

Innovative and Unique Global Trade Business Model:  The current Green Beard Crowdfunding Program is the only Global Trade Business Model that currently has a fully insured Asset-Backed Global Operations Model.  The Green Beard global trade marketing system is organized to be scalable and generate high profits from multiple revenue streams.